Friday, February 9, 2018

Samsung ER-350ii Your True Electronic Cash Register

Having sale business may require you a great companion in cash register. In fact, there are a lot of electronic cash register on the market with different styles and features. And, if you are planning to change your old and traditional electronic cash register, we have the best ECR for you called Samsung ER-350ii ECR.

This Samsung ER-350ii electronic cash register is reliable for you. The ER-350ii measures at 12.5 in x 15.5 in x 6.4 in with its weight 17.65 lbs or 8 kg approx. The small design allows you to put even in a small cashier desk. At the front of the printer, there is a 10-digits blue fluorescent display with a 10-digits pop-up turret display for displaying the price that you should pat. Besides, the print speed is up to 4.5 lines per second which are fast for printing your sale receipts. This printer can handle paper roll by measuring 58 mm or 2.25 inches for one or two-ply paper. In addition, Using ERC-39 ribbon cartridge delivers a great quality of printing.

Samsung ER-350ii

Moreover, your employee will easily operate the Samsung ER-350ii with 8 or 16 departments with 10-character alpha descriptors. Additionally, this ER-350ii also features Automatic Tax Calculation, Real-Time Clock-Hourly Sales Report, Check Cashing, Coupon and Discount %, Post Tendering, Cash, Check, Charge, Paid Out and Received on Account Finalizing Keys, etc.

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