Sunday, February 11, 2018

Benefits of Using Samsung SRP-270 Receipt Printer

What the Samsung SRP-270 Receipt printer had is anything you will need for your hospitality or retail businesses. The SRP-270 comes in a perfect combination with true reliability, great performance, at low price. This machine is compatible for most Windows operating system with easy interface connectivity. In addition, this cash register also brings other benefits for your business. Let's find out below!

The Samsung SRP-270 is claimed as World's best receipt printer which comes with great features. Besides, this receipt printer is suitable for POS receipt printing orders for both hospitality and retail application. The SRP-270 can print your sales report at fast printing speed up to 4.6 lines per seconds with high durability up to 18 M lines. There is a paper end detector feature which automatically gives a signal whine the paper roll is running out, so your employees will do the paper change quickly. The sale report is able to print both one or two copies of the receipt.

Samsung SRP-270

This printer comes at 145 x 195 x 146 mm (WLH) with its weight 2.5 kg which is compact and small design for your cashier desk. In addition, the Samsung SRP-270 uses a simple interface with USB port, parallel or serial. The print method of this sales report printer uses 9-pin and serial impact dot-matrix.

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